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Posted: 578 days ago

5/7/17 -
"I have nothing but positive things to say about this company. A rock hit my windshield months ago and the crack had now spread across my windshield. My father was demanding I get it fixed but with working full time an hour away and taking care of two little ones, it wasn't easy to find time to take my car in to be fixed. First, I was quoted a price well below Safelite, with no additional taxes or fees for coming to me. Second, they were able to schedule me quickly, which was important because the crack was growing. Third, early in the week I got a call from Brian saying he had checked the weather and it was supposed to rain the day I had scheduled. So he offered me first dibs on a Saturday appointment. Except by the time I called back the forecast had moved to rain Friday and Saturday. He was so on top of things and then even offered to come out on his day off because it would be the first day without rain. Fourth, he was prompt and courteous. He worked quickly and did a great job. Seriously it's like I have a whole new point of view while driving. Lastly, several hours later as I went outside to put my son's car seat back in, Brian had returned. He had managed to get my inspection sticker off my old window and said he didn't want me driving around without it. He had come back to put it in place. So grateful for this company and everything they did for me!"

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